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In May of 2006, Mike and Debbie, the owner-operators of Temecula Valley Cable Car Wine Tours had purchased a motorized 1914 San Francisco cable car. Debbie was reluctant of the purchase because of the shape it was in, but Mike could visualize a restored cable car running through Temecula Valley and he couldn’t wait to restore the car to its former glory!

It took over two years to refurbish and fully-restore the cable car to its original conditions, but with a lot of patience, sandpaper, paint, and mechanical parts, the cable car was restored and set off to cruise through the beautiful Temecula Valley wine country.

Since those early days a lot has changed and expanded. In 2020, when Mike and Debbie were looking to retire, a young entrepreneur named Jared Broach found out they were looking to sell their Cable Car and business. He had a passion for the tour industry since the founding of his first tour company in 2012. Since then, Cable Car Wine Tours has focused on bringing cable cars to multiple AVA’s around the country. “When I think of wine, I think of Napa and I think of San Francisco Cable Cars, so I wanted everyone to be able to have that perfect pairing anytime they explore wine country. It’s been a long time refurbishing and restoring, but Napa being an original wine country, deserved to have actual Cable Cars instead of the buses that are made to look like San Francisco Cable Cars.” says Jared Broach.

It has been since 2020 that Jared’s passion for Cable Cars has really peaked and he has spent several years acquiring as many Cable Cars as he could find. To date, Jared and Cable Car Wine Tours are the single largest private owner of authentic original San Francisco Cable Cars in the world and are working to restore them all to their original glory and bring them to more and more people around the United States. 

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